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Gift Voucher initiation Compacted

Offer him/her first big flights with this package of 5 compact sessions.
This promotional formula is planned once a month.
The latest generation equipment will be provided.

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From 18 to 78 years old - 8 months a year - 6 days a week

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Do you want to fly? We help you take off!

Fly freely:

Learn to fly on your own in five sessions (around 4 hours for each). Start on very gentle slopes with very little difference in altitude and finish with great flights over drops of around a hundred meters while being assisted by radio.

Print your gift voucher now:

Once you have acquired the gift voucher, print it instantly by accessing the “My activities” section of your account.

Then give the gift voucher to the recipient, who will use it to select the date of their flight.

A joint paragliding and paramotor training:

Before we put an engine in your back, we need these five sessions to teach you sail control, takeoff, flight and landing. It is during a development session that it will be possible to approach powered flight.

Special Feature of the Compacted Promo Initiation Package

Five sessions of 4 hours each are scheduled from Monday to Friday. Default hours are from 8am to 12pm, but you commit to being reachable and available from sunrise to sunset in case a session needs to be rescheduled due to weather conditions incompatible with the activity.

No deposit:

No deposit is required for the latest generation equipment that will be made available to you.

The dates don't suit you:

If the dates do not suit you, we advise you to choose our package à la carte courses by clicking here....

From compacted to map:

If a compact training session is canceled, it is automatically transformed into an à la carte session.

Video option:

The training sessions are filmed and debriefed. By taking the video option, you will be able to watch these videos again at home and study your gestures in replay mode.

Choice of the most suitable material:

For your safety, we only use the latest generation equipment. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to try different sails, which, when the time is right, will allow you to better choose your own equipment.


As the sessions are subject to weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel an appointment. In the event of cancellation on our part and as long as the expiry date of your activity has not been reached, you will be able to select another appointment on our site.

Time Limitation:

Upon purchase, your activity is valid for 1 year, and if we have to cancel an appointment due to unsuitable weather conditions, we automatically grant you a seven-day extension.

(4 canceled appointments = 1 month automatic extension).

Thanks to this mechanism designed for those unlucky with the weather, the validity of your activity remains unlimited, provided a new date is set promptly after an appointment cancellation.

Your appointments may be canceled if weather conditions are unsuitable. Therefore, to avoid requesting a paid extension, it is recommended not to wait until the end of the validity period to schedule them.

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For additional explanations, we advise you to read our page The frequently asked questions

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