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↓ What is the difference between paramotor and paragliding?
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How's it going?

Usually well !

Book your activities in 3 steps:

  1. Sign up on our website by creating an account (it's free). This step is essential: it allows our system to recognize you when booking.
  2. Choose the activity that interests you then pay either by credit card or Paypal. Credit card payments are made via the PayPal secure site that accepts electronic transactions without requiring you to create a Paypal account.
  3. Your activity validated (immediately when payment with credit card or Paypal), it will be posted on your account in the rubric called "My activities". A "Book date" button, allowing you to book your date, is shown before each activity.

Commande en 3 étapes

Check the day before after 5h pm, if your appointment is confirmed:

  • Going on your section "My activities"
  • By clicking on the menu "CALENDAR / BOOK" then selecting your activity.

Go to the place of rendezvous:

The activity confirmed, just go to the place of rendezvous at the time indicated on your reservation.
Our activities are closely related to weather, remember to remain available for a minimum of 4 hours after the appointment time.

What is the difference between paramotor and paragliding?

Paramotor is a motorized paragliding as Moped is a motor bike
The glider was invented in the 1980s. A little later, someone thought to add an engine and a propeller. Paramotor was born

Voile de parapenteVoile de parapenteMotorisation MiniplaneMotorisation MiniplaneVoile parapente plus moteur

Par quoi commencer ?

Learn to ride a bike before switching to the scooter

When you feel good with your glider (between 5 to 10 sessions) you can add a engine to your glider. There remains, therefore, only a throttle to control.

How long does the training take?

Five mornings to fly with a paraglider
Ten mornings to get your paramotor pilot certification

Begin with introductory training:

Continue with an advanced training course and get your pilot's license:

It is during this initial training (five sessions) that you can experience the thrill of flying alone.

This additional training (ten sessions) allows you to get your pilot's license (paragliding and / or paramotor).

What about vertigo?

If you do not have vertigo in plane, you will not have with a sail as vertigo appears only when you are stationary.

Can I go on holidays with it?

Yes :)

A backpack for paragliding and possibly another backpack for the motor (all fit into the trunk of a small car).

When can I start?

We are open 7 days a week and offer training throughout the year.

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