The Cley challenge

Récompense des projets sur un sujet technique ou de réflexion, susceptibles de faire avancer de façon significative la sécurité dans le vol libre


C.L.E.Y. are the initials of two notoriety pilots missing in the 90s intensely practicing their passion - paragliding. Challenge CLEY wishes to perpetuate their memory, their enthusiasm and generosity.


The goal of the CLEY Challenge is to reward and promote projects or implementation or approach on a technical topic or reflection, likely to significantly advance security in the free flight (installations, organizations, training, particular objects, etc..) outside of any regulatory initiative, with the aim to empower everyone in their daily practice and to involve as many actors as possible in activity.


Prizes are awarded in September at the ICARE Cup on the site of Saint Hilaire du Touvet.

Projet stage approches. apprendre à atterrir en répétant les prises de terrain.

MosAiles Laureate in 2005 (2nd price)


Learn to land (to a touchdown).


Multiply practice approaches.


The approach consists in taking pilots at the end of the paragliging initiation courses or pilots having difficulty in finding their bearings, to make a pedagogical tandem in paramotor in order to allow them to multiply the exercises of approach.

Thanks to the engine, it is thus possible to make the approaches work to the pilot by landing more than a dozen times in half an hour. A "touch" and here is the tandem left in the air to take a little altitude and start the exercise again.

Apprendre à atterrir avec un parachute de secours.

MosAiles Laureate in 2003 (2nd price)


Learn to land with a parachute.


Understand how to fall without getting hurt.


Decide to pull the parachute is already not an easy task. Prevent the glider to fly when the parachute above his head is just as stressful. This is when you see how fast it reaches the ground (5-8 m / s) we understand that the most important thing to do: land without bobo.