Fly in 3 steps:


Book your activity


Check your appointment


Go to your appointment

In 3 Steps

The day before, after 5 pm

Check the place and time


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A - Book your activity in 3 steps:

1 - You have a voucher

Bon cadeau parapente paramoteur

1 - Click on the menu "-BOOK A DATE-"

It is in the middle of the green horizontal bar.

2 - Go to the section "You have a voucher that gives access to ..."

Enter your identification code and your gift code.

3 - Book a date

Choose the date, location and time of your appointment on the calendar that appears under the field where you entered your codes.

Enter your details and validate

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2 - You have no a voucher

Commande en 3 étapes


1 - Sign up

Register on our website by creating an account (it's free). This step is essential: it allows our system to recognize you when making reservations.

2 - Choose an activity

Choose the activity that interests you and then pay by credit card or Paypal. Payments by credit card are made via the secured site of Paypal. The latter accepts credit card transactions without requiring you to create a Paypal account.

3 - Book a date

Your activity validated, it will be immediately displayed on your account in the section called "My activities".

You have chosen an activity for yourself or your guest

You have chosen a gift voucher

  • Click the [Reserve Date] button to set an appointment.
  • Tell the system if the activity is for you or a guest..
  • Choose a date
  • Save the appointment
  • Click the [Print] button and then give the gift voucher to the person of your choice.
  • Without being obliged to create an account, the beneficiary can then come to our site and click on the menu "Calendar / Book". The system will ask him for the two access codes on his cardboard and will present the calendar on which he or she can choose the day and time of his activity.

You can, at your leisure, transfer an activity as a gift and vice versa

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B - Check your appointment

As our activities are closely linked to weather conditions, the appointment is confirmed or canceled only the day before after 5pm on the web site calendar. No e-mail are sent because they may land in your SPAM box.

You are in possession of a gift voucher

Click on the " BOOK A DATE" menu and select your activity. Take advantage of this to enter your codes and verify that you are registered.

You have chosen an activity for yourself or your guest

Log in, click on "My Activities" and check the status of your reservation.

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C - Go to your appointment:

Once you have confirmed your activity, you only have to go to the meeting place at the time indicated on your reservation.

What do I have to take?

- Half a day free: because the weather conditions do not allow for a precise schedule.
- A pair of sneakers or walking shoes.
- Jeans trousers or equivalent.
- A sweatshirt or sweater.
- A windbreaker (type kway).
- Sun protection.
- Sunglasses.
- A cap for a head sensitive to the sun.
- A bottle of water.

Use an access plan

Sessions can be held in Saint Jean Rohrbach or Zoufftgen. Access maps are available by clicking heer...

Your only imperative:

Because our activities are closely related to weather conditions, please consider staying at least 4 hours after the appointment time.

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D - Your activity is canceled:

It is instantly recreated, allowing you to immediately set a new appointment.

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