General and Special Sales and Training Conditions

Article I: Purpose

These general terms and conditions of sale are concluded, on the one hand, by the MosAiles Paragliding Paramotor School, represented by Michel Schatz (SIRET number 452164858), with its registered office at 51, rue de la Gare 57330 ZOUFFTGEN, hereinafter referred to as "MosAiles School," and, on the other hand, by any natural or legal person, hereinafter referred to as the "customer," who has placed an order on the website

These general and special terms and conditions of sale apply to all services provided by MosAiles School.

Order Confirmation:

An order is not confirmed, and no payment can be made until the customer checks the box "I have read the general and special terms and conditions of sale and agree to them without reservation." Therefore, the customer acknowledges having read these general and special conditions and fully accepts the terms of the contract.

By this procedure, the customer is perfectly informed that the content of these general and special conditions does not require a handwritten signature.

Subject to applicable laws, these sales conditions will prevail over any other general or special conditions that have not been expressly accepted by MosAiles School.

The customer who offers a service to a third party acknowledges having read and accepted these general and special conditions to the beneficiary.

The customer or beneficiary, hereinafter referred to as the consumer, declares that he or she has the full legal, physical, and mental capacity to enter into these general and special terms and conditions of sale. A medical certificate may be required upon entry into the training program.

Article II: Duration of Validity of a Service

The services offered by MosAiles School are valid for 12 months from the date of payment of the order (regardless of any cancellations by MosAiles School due to unfavorable weather conditions and force majeure), in accordance with the provisions of Article 1218 of the Civil Code.

After this date, MosAiles School is no longer obliged to provide the ordered service, and the amounts paid will remain non-refundable.

Extension of Validity Period:

  • For each cancellation by MosAiles School, the end date of the activity is immediately extended by 7 days to avoid disadvantaging the unlucky consumer.
  • The end date of validity can be extended by a maximum of 6 months (including the period of inactivity of the school) by paying a fee before the end of the validity of the service, as defined in the "Options" section of the service on the website

The videos provided to consumers as download links will be available for a maximum of one month after the service is completed.

Any medical certificate or justification presented to cancel this contract will be considered null and void.

Article III: Confirmation of Appointments

The consumer selects the date of their appointment by choosing it from the multiple appointment dates offered on the calendar on the website

Since flight activities depend on weather conditions and the condition of the take-off site, the appointment will remain in the "scheduled" status until the evening before.

The status will change to "confirmed" or "canceled" on the evening after 5 p.m.

Before traveling, the consumer is required to check the status of their appointment on our website calendar.

Article IV: Cancellation of an Appointment by MosAiles

During the validity period of an activity, one or more appointments may be canceled by MosAiles School. Even though the school offers a 7-day extension for each cancellation on its part, it is strongly recommended not to wait until the end of the activity's validity to complete the service.

In the event of the cancellation of a session by MosAiles School, the consumer will immediately receive a credit for a new session and can, using the calendar on our website, choose a new appointment date.

In the compacted course format (5 consecutive sessions), sessions canceled by MosAiles School are credited as individual sessions (the consumer chooses the date that suits them best).

Article V: Conduct of a Session

After confirming the appointment, the consumer must arrive at the precise time, or five minutes before, at the meeting point.

Any missed session due to tardiness will be considered as due.

The consumer undertakes to remain available from the beginning to the end of the session (approximately 4 hours after the appointment time).

During air baptism sessions (see details of the service on the website, only the pilot or his assistant is authorized to determine the order of participation of consumers.

In initiation courses (see details of the service on the website, a minimum high-altitude flight (altitude greater than 70m) is guaranteed, subject to the consumer's availability on the date and time set by MosAiles School and an aptitude to take off, fly, and land judged sufficient by the instructor.

Article VI: Right of Withdrawal

The customer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the date of payment for the service ordered on our website This withdrawal will be made by phone and must be confirmed by email, specifying:

  • The order number
  • Optionally, payment references
  • The customer's banking details (RIB IBAN), as refunds are made exclusively by bank transfer.

Less than 24 hours before the appointment date, a session cannot be canceled by the customer and is considered as due. Any partial cancellation of an activity or early departure does not entitle to a reduction or refund.

a) Withdrawal regarding a travel course or a compact course.

This training takes place over several consecutive days, with a start and end date specified on the calendar.
The customer has the option to cancel this service at any time by paying the withdrawal fees described below:

  • 15 days before the appointment date, a course cannot be canceled. The amount paid by the customer is considered due.
  • Between 15 and 30 days before the appointment date, the course is refunded at 50% of its value.
  • Beyond 30 days before the appointment date, a withdrawal fee of €30 will be deducted.

b) Withdrawal regarding air baptism sessions, à la carte or day courses.

After the previously mentioned 14 days, no refunds will be made.

c) Withdrawal regarding training packages.

Beyond the legal 14-day period, no refunds will be made.

The principle of a package is that it is cheaper than individual sessions and is independent of the quantities consumed (e.g., a phone plan or ski resort lift pass). Therefore, a package is not refunded, even partially, if the consumer decides to discontinue the training.

Article VII: Safety and Equipment Used

MosAiles School reserves the right to refuse equipment that does not meet its safety criteria. The trainee is entirely responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to the equipment entrusted to them during the course.

For safety reasons related to the proximity of propellers (1 meter) and wind conditions, loose-fitting clothing, including scarves of any kind, cannot be accepted on board.

Article VIII: Insurance Coverage

The minimum age for a consumer is 14 years (with a derogation for 12 years), except for air baptism sessions (with a certified pilot) where the minimum age is lowered to 4 years with parental authorization for minors.

For courses lasting more than 2 days, a medical certificate stating no contraindications for sports activities must be provided. This certificate is valid for 3 years for those under 40 and 2 years for those over 40.

During sessions, MosAiles School's liability insurance covers consumers for damages attributable to the school's responsibility.

Consumers can enhance their insurance coverage by completing the insurer's form available here:

The liability insurance may also be covered by the consumer's "family head" insurance. If this is the case, the consumer must upload their insurance certificate in the "My Documents" section of their account created on the website

Article IX: Image Rights

Unless the consumer objects during the session, the consumer authorizes MosAiles to create, use, reproduce, and communicate the images and videos taken in their company. The images may be reproduced in whole or in part on any medium (paper, digital, magnetic, fabric, etc.) and integrated into other materials such as photographs, drawings, illustrations, etc., currently known or in the future.

These images may be used worldwide and in all areas by MosAiles.

MosAiles undertakes not to use these images in areas that may infringe on the consumer's privacy and not to distribute these photographs on any medium that is violent, xenophobic, pornographic, or illegal. The consumer acknowledges that they are not bound by any exclusivity contract regarding the use of their image or name. The consumer acknowledges that future uses of their image may be minor or part of advertising campaigns created by MosAiles.

Article X: Dispute Resolution

No service can be paid on the same day because appointments on the website are only allowed after receiving and validating payment.

In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved amicably, the Thionville court is recognized as the only competent authority.

These general and special terms and conditions of sale are the property of Michel Schatz's company. Anyone who uses them for their own benefit may be subject to legal action.

Article XI: Transaction Proof

The computerized records, kept in the computer systems of under reasonable security conditions, will be considered as evidence of communications, orders, and payments made between the parties and, therefore, cannot be considered confidential.

Information relating to credit cards is not stored.

Article XII: Payment

Payments by credit card and PayPal are processed directly.

Payment Methods

In order to automate the order validation process and allow the consumer to immediately reserve the date of their activity after payment, MosAiles School provides a secure payment system by credit card or PayPal.

Full Payment

The full payment must be made at the time of the order. At no time will the amounts collected be considered as deposits or advances.

MosAiles School reserves the right to refuse to process an order or deliver a product to a consumer who has not fully or partially paid a previous order or with whom a payment dispute persists.

Article XIII: Mutual Obligations

from the consumer

The consumer guarantees MosAiles School that they have the necessary authorizations to use the chosen payment method when validating the order.

from the seller

MosAiles School reserves the right to suspend order management or delivery in the event of a payment authorization refusal by financial institutions.

The consumer is advised that MosAiles School cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of any means of payment that has not been detected.

Article XIV: Privacy Policy

MosAiles School recommends that the consumer verify the solvency of their payment before confirming their order on the website MosAiles School reminds the consumer that all payments by credit card are made through a secure system, and no credit card numbers are stored in its files.

This text outlines the general and specific terms and conditions of sale and training for MosAiles Paragliding Paramotor School. If you have any specific questions or need further information about any particular section, please let me know, and I'll be happy to assist you further.