General terms of sale and training

Article I : Object

The present general terms of sale are concluded on one hand by the school MosAiles Parapente Paramoteur, represented by Michel Schatz (Number SIRET 452164858) whose head office is in 51, rue de la Gare 57330 ZOUFFTGEN, whom we shall call " The MosAiles school " and on the other hand, by any natural or legal entity, mentioned "a customer" and having ordered on the site, by email or by telephone.
The present general terms of sale apply to all the services or the goods delivered by the school MosAiles, which the customer makes a commitment to accept after having signed this document and/or having validated his on-line order. These terms of sale will prevail over any other general or particular conditions not expressly approved by the school MosAiles.
The customer who offers a service or property to someone commits him to accept the terms and conditions set out below.
The MosAiles school reserves the right to modify all or part of the general terms of sale without advance notice. The modifications will apply then for all the later services.

Article II : Duration of validity of a service

The services proposed by the school MosAiles, are valid 12 months as from the date of payment of the order (regardless of any cancellation from MosAiles due to adverse weather). Beyond this date, the MosAiles school does not have to realize the ordered service, and the paid sums will remain acquired. This date may be extended by 6 months maximum (including the non-activity period of the school), by setting extra sets, before the end of validity of the service, in the "Options" tab of the activity.

The videos, made available to the consumer in the form of download links, will be kept for a maximum of one month after completion of the service.

Any documentary evidence or presented medical certificate, to cancel this contract, will be considered as null and void.

Article III : Validation of the meetings

To schedule the ordered service, the customer will choose the date of the meeting which will suit him/her by selecting it on the calendar of the site The air activities being conditioned by the weather, the meeting will stay in the status "scheduled" until the previous evening. According to the last forecasts weather reports, this status will pass in the status "confirmed" or "cancelled" after 5 pm.
The customer is responsible for the meeting schedule. The MosAiles school cannot be held for responsible of the late appointment setting with regard to the end of validity of the order and thus of the potentially impossibility to realize the service because of unfavorable weather report.
The customer has to verify the status of his meeting on the calendar of our web site.

Article IV: cancellation of a meeting appointment by MosAiles

In case of cancellation of a session leaves MosAiles, the customer will automatically be credited with a new meeting which he can allocate at the date of his/her choice by using the calendar on our web site.

Article V: progress of a session

Having obtained confirmation of the meeting, the customer will have to come at the precise timing, or a little before on the place of the meeting. Any session missed because of delay will be considered as owed.
The customer makes a commitment to remain available during a minimum of 4 hours after the hour of meeting.
During the flight baptism, only the pilot or his assistant is authorized to choose the running order which is dependent on weather conditions of moment.

Article VI: withdrawal

The customer has a right of withdrawal for 14 days from the delivery date of the payment ordered on our website This withdrawal will be done by telephone and must be confirmed by e-mail stating:

  • The order number
  • Possibly the references to the payment
  • The bank details of the customer (RIB IBAN), repayments being made exclusively by bank transfer.

24 hours before the date of appointment, a meeting can not be canceled by the customer and is considered due. Any partial cancellation of an activity or early departure does not confer any right to reduction or refund.

a) withdrawal on a trip, internship or compacted course.

For this type of training that takes place over several contiguous days, with a start and end date on the calendar, the customer has the option to withdraw at any time. Cancellation fee will however be applied as a result.

  • 15 days before the date of the appointment, an internship can not be canceled. The amount spent by the client is considered to be due.
  • between 15 and 30 days before the date of the appointment, an internship if it is not canceled by MosAiles will be reimbursed 50% of its value.
  • over 30 days before the date of the appointment, a sum of € 30 will be retained for administrative fees.

b) withdrawal for first flight, courses à la carte or daily courses.

Beyond the 14 days mentioned above, no refund will be made.

c) withdrawal on training packages.

The principle of a package is that it is cheaper than the sessions taken separately and is independent of the quantities consumed (eg phone plan lifts at ski resorts). A package is not reimbursed, even partially, if the customer decides to stop his training in the way.

Article VII: secutity and equipment

The school reserves the right to refuse the use of the equipment not corresponding to its safety criteria. The trainee is totally responsible for the loss, theft or degradation of the equipment which is confided to him/her during the duration of the training course.

For security reasons, we cannot accept the floating scarf-type clothing, hijab, shayla, Al-Amira, Niqab, Khimar, Chador, Burka ...

Article VIII: validation of the general conditions by Internet

By clicking in the compartment " I accept general terms of sale " during an on-line order, the customer makes a commitment to respect these.

Article IX: insurance coverage

The minimum age of a customer is 14 years old (with dispensation:12 years old), except for the first flight (flight with licensed pilot) where the decent minimum age is 4 years old with parental consent for the minors.
For the training courses of more than 2 days, plan a medical certificate of not contraindication in the sports activities. This certificate remains valid during 3 years for people under 40 and 2 years for people over 40.


An Air third-party insurance covers the damages made to others.
A personal accident insurance covers the damages that are made to ourselves.
During its training, the insurance of the school MosAiles covers the customer in Air Civil liability for the damages, being of the responsibility of the school.
The customer is not thus covered in Air Civil liability if he is judged responsible for a disaster himself.
The customer is not covered in Individual Accident by the insurance of the school.
The customer can complete his insurance coverage by completing the form of the present insurer here
The customer can benefit from a 20 % reduction if he enters the partner code EC57SM.
The air civil liability is compulsory. it can possibly be taken care by the insurance "head of the family" of the customer. If it is the case, it will be necessary to bring to us a photocopy proving this cover.

Article X: Image reproduction right

Unless he refuses during the session, the customer authorizes MosAiles to realize, use, reproduce and communicate the pictures and videos taken with him. The pictures can be copied, partly or entirely, on any medium (paper, digital, magnetic, fabric, etc…) and integrated on other material such as photography, drawing, illustration, etc… not yet known.
These pictures can be used in the whole world, and in every fields by MosAiles. MosAiles renounces to use these images in any area where customer’s invasion of privacy can be reached, and to broadcast these pictures on any violent, xenophobe, pornographic or illicit medium.
The customer admits he is not linked to any exclusivity contract on his picture or name use.
The customer admits the future usages of his picture can be minor or included in an advertising campaign created by MosAiles.

Article XI: resolution of litigation

No service can be settled on the day of payment because meeting setting on the web site is authorized only after reception and validation of a payment.
In case of dispute which could not be amicably solved, the court of Thionville is recognized as only competent.
The present general terms of sale are the property of Michel Schatz's company. Whoever would use them in his/her own account would expose himself to judicial proceedings.
Left exclusively reserved for the customers registered in introductory course, improvement or performance.

Article XII: Proof of transaction

The records stored in MosAiles ( computer systems under reasonable security conditions, will be considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the counterparties.

The information on credit cards, are not saved.