Learn to fly in one day: o

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Learn to fly in one day: o

There are days where all the parameters are together to learn to fly faster than a chick: a nice small wind and fairly regular, a talented student and necessarily a monitor that is not less;)

On March 14 at 8am, Alexandre arrives at MosAiles school for his first day of initiation training and really does not expect to perform his first big flight a few hours later.

After a briefing on the administrative constraints, the small team goes to the training slope of the day (to be sure to find a headwind, the school has several slopes each directed to a different cardinal point).

A few minutes later begin the first exercises of inflating and steering the sail. The understanding and control of the different movements of the wing are quickly assimilated thanks to weather conditions that allow to manage a paraglider without having to run.

The morning passes at such a speed that it is almost noon when we decide to go to eat to recover some strength.

stage initiation parapente en un jour

From 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, the exercises on the ground has continued to automate certain gestures then, around 17h, we go to the take off from Volmerange Mines because Alexandre is physically and mentally ready for his first big flights.

On the spot, a dozen confirmed paragliders are already in the air.

Last briefing followed by one or two unsuccessful attempts (the level of stress rises necessarily a crant) and here is Alexandre who takes off for a few minutes of flight alone on board. He then lands with such grace that he thinks only of one thing: to return to fly.

During his second flight he made a few trips back along the slope, which allowed him to stay in the air for about ten minutes.

All our congratulations to Alexander.

It is rarely possible to let fly a student after only six hours of training as it is rare that our students do not do at least one big flight during their initiation course.

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