Compacted paragliding-paramotoring course in May validated

Publié le : 05/17/2024 09:35:20
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Compacted paragliding-paramotoring course in May validated

Compacted paragliding-paramotor courses are offered once a month, and the one for May has just been validated with 4 long flights despite very unstable weather.


This option allows you to make your first solo flights in five sessions of four hours each, spread from Monday to Friday.


Acquire piloting basics and make coherent flight plans at a known school site (orange level of the pilot's passport). Flights are done in paragliding or optionally in paramotoring if the wing control is sufficient.


Depending on the forecasted weather conditions and the objectives to be achieved, the flexibility of the compacted formula allows the instructor to schedule sessions in the morning and/or afternoon to reach the final goal, which is to make at least one solo flight.

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