Paragliding Masterclass Portugal autumn 2024


Treat yourself to a week of escape and change of scenery!

Extend the season and go with us to the sun to discover new sites in a country that combines hospitality and the sweetness of life.

Dates: November 2 to 9, 2024.

Presentation of a compulsory health pass before departure if requested by the government.

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769,00 €

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Your playground

portuguese flag
Thermal flights and soaring

It has takeoffs in all directions, located at the seaside and in the mountains.

With over 1200km of cliffs and dunes directed towards the prevailing winds, soaring enthusiasts and accrobatie can tune their gestures, their flight plans and techniques based on the top in landscape breathtaking.

Portugal is also composed of mountains that host the biggest world competitions and paragliding in which it will be possible to go wrap the heat to try some distance flights.

After flights, flavors of fireworks let you increase your PTV in different restaurants offering dishes ranging from octopus salad accompanied suckling pig, of course, the famous Vinho Verdé or Douro red wine.

Inclus dans le prix du stage

Paragliding instructors and paramotor instructors

Two monitors (+20 years experience)

Their mission will be to choose the best spots of the day, assess conditions, advise you and guide you to make you progress.

Comfortable 8-9 seater minibus

Shuttles to takeoffs

In order to protect the planette a common shuttle will take care to transport you to the takeoffs of the day.

Not included in the course price

Air travel with Portuguese Air Transport

The round trip flight

The reception will be at Lisbon airport (an hourly range will be communicated later for the arrival and return time of each airport).
Round-trip price between Luxembourg and Lisbon is between € 200 and € 250 (with TAP and EasyJet)

Typical restaurants and dishes


Quantity and quality at unbeatable prices.
Meal prices: from 5 € to 20 €

Budget hotels


Accommodation 1st choice for lower prices than a "Formula 1" will be selected based on the tastes of the group, cottage, homestay or hotel.
Prices of hotel rooms: between 30 € and 50 €

Proposed airlines

Tap Air Portugal
Departure from Luxemburg 12:00
No du vol : TP 691

Departure from Lisbonne 16:10
No du vol : LG 3752

Minimum registration requirements :

Have followed an initiation course or 7 paramotor sessions (you are at the orange level of your progress).
Check your level by clicking here...

Before registering, download your insurance certificate including repatriation assistance on this site in the "My documents" section or send your documents by email.

Your material: 

  • The wingmust be overhauled if it is more than 12 or 24 months old (value according to the manufacturer, to be checked in the user manual). The review report must be sent to the school. If the date of commissioning of the wing does not justify a revision, it will suffice to communicate the brand, model and serial number to enable us to verify the information. 
  • The harness must be in good condition.
  • The helmet must be approved for paragliding use.

Package: rental in case you don't have your own equipment

- wing and harness +350€
- rescue +90€
- homologated helmet+50€

Specimen of European vital card

European Vital Card

health coverage across Europe

Illness or accident, the European health insurance card allows you to benefit from health care in Europe.

It is to be requested from your accredited body.

Prepare your cameras...