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Session release and folding parachute (school)

Learn to drop your parachute. Enjoy the provision of room to learn how to fold it in a dry and clean environment. Finish with a debriefing.

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Launch your rescue parachute freely:

Having a reserve parachute is good. To be certain that it will work is better. Every year, MosAiles offers paragliding and paramotor pilots training allowing them to practice releasing their reserve parachute and learn to fold it independently. The session lasts a morning, begins with a briefing on how to drop a parachute and the incidents that can prevent it from opening. It continues with a practical exercise in dropping the parachute then with a folding course assisted by a state-certified instructor. The training ends around noon with a debriefing allowing everyone to share their experiences of the morning.

Why he did not indicate to fold his reserve alone:

It is not recommended to fold your parachute alone at home, because if necessary, it will be impossible to justify to your insurer that the folding was carried out within the time limits set by the manufacturer.

How to limit the state of overwhelmed stress:

  1. Being on top: Mental / Healthy / Awake
  2. Prepare for good gestures to develop reflexes that avoid making the brain think.
  3. Get to know your equipment and how it works.
  4. Organize your decision-making.

Time limitation:

The validity of the activity is one year but there is, in general, only one appointment scheduled per year. If the activity is canceled by MosAiles, you can request a refund or a one-year extension.
If the activity is partially canceled (dropping canceled due to weather) you will benefit from a credit note on the part not carried out.


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