When the weather conditions seem ideal

Publié le : 10/18/2023 11:23:10
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When the weather conditions seem ideal

Before leaving for a flight, it is not enough to rely only on the general weather forecast. It is essential to understand the movement of the air masses in which we will evolve. In fact, our paragliding sail moves at a speed of only 45 km/h in the air. If the surrounding air is also moving (that's what you call wind), the speed of our paraglider relative to the ground will vary depending on the wind direction. Concretely, if our paraglider flies in the same direction as the wind, it will move more quickly relative to the ground, while if it flies against the wind, it will move forward more slowly, or even move backwards.

As this image illustrates, the wind can be almost zero at ground level and become much stronger a few hundred meters above us. When the wind blows in the opposite direction at a greater speed than our sail, it causes us to fly backwards.
In this case, the conditions will not be suitable for a first flight.

Meteorological analysis and understanding air movements are essential elements to guarantee paragliding safety and if we cancel an appointment when the general weather forecast predicts good weather, rest assured that it is never for pleasure , but only for the purpose of guaranteeing your safety and comfort in flight.

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