Que voler ne soit plus un rêve pour vous en 2023

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Que voler ne soit plus un rêve pour vous en 2023

More and more of you want to live your dreams of flying and the 3 structures of MosAiles are ready to support you in your projects. 

The school

The Covid is present in our minds but it has still not contaminated our activities because everything has been done since 2020 to counter it and the school will not let up on its attention in 2023. Disinfectants, masks and caps are already ready.

First structure labeled by the FFPLUM, the Moselle training center offers you, as usual, activities almost 7 days a week.

Our interactive calendar, present on the website www.mosailes.com is up to date and allows you to book your appointments now or at any time of the day.

More information here...

The shop

The store advises you on the acquisition of your paragliding and/or paramotor equipment. Delivery times have been shortened since 2021 but may in some cases remain long.

As everywhere, prices have also increased but loyal customers still benefit from the tightest prices.

To visit the store it's here...

Le club

After being trained, budding pilots have the opportunity to come together to invest together in the activity. Some group activities have been neglected over the past two years, but we hope that 2023 will see the return of several club outings.

To join the association it's here...

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and look forward to seeing you for new adventures in 2023.

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