Happy Birthday MosAiles

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Happy Birthday MosAiles

The MosAiles Paragliding and Paramotoring School is celebrating a milestone this year. Since its opening 20 years ago, MosAiles has shared its love of free flight and powered flight with hundreds of budding pilots.


Let's go back in time to celebrate MosAiles' defining moments, from memorable first flights to extraordinary memories shared with our passionate students.


Since our humble beginnings, we have been committed to providing safe flying experiences and every person who has passed through our doors is an integral part of our story.

The growth

We are proud of how far we have come. Over time, we have expanded our services to offer courses with innovative ideas such as the use of motorized flight to increase the number of approaches during a paragliding session or the use of tandem flights that allow passengers to pilot immediately a sail without needing to learn how to inflate and control it first.

Birthday's party

To celebrate this special occasion, MosAiles is offering special 10% off offers until December 31, 2023 on all its training activities with the code: NOEL2023

The future

Looking to the future, we renew our commitment and aspire to new experiences and adventures to share with you in the years to come.

Join the MosAiles school and club!

Visit our websites www.mosailes.com and club.mosailes.com and take advantage of promotional prices to register for one of the many packages offered.

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