First tandem flights started at MosAiles

Publié le : 03/11/2017 19:06:00
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  • First tandem flights started at MosAiles
  • Take advantage now of the good weather:

    You dream to fly? We're here to get you off the ground.

    Our first flights

    More than a simple flight, we propose to associate with these unforgettable sensations of freedom, an understanding of the elements that allow us to fly.

    After a short theoretical course, you will fly with a licenced pilot and will have the possibility to check, in the third dimension, the subjects approached on the ground.

    From take-off to landing every moment will be intense:

    Whether flying in paragliding or paramotoring, take-off is a moment that will remain engraved in your memory. You will leave the ground in a few meters and understand very quickly why the birds are singing.

    In the air, you can contemplate the magnificent and unknown landscapes of the Moselle while communicating with your pilot. The end of the flight can, according to your desires be rather calm or rather acrobatic.

    The landing, like take-off, will be done in a few meters and back to the ground, you will only want to go back.

    First paragliding and paramotoring fly

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