Difficult to take off when the grass is high

Publié le : 05/28/2015 17:52:16
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  • Difficult to take off when the grass is high
  • You are patented and insured paramotor pilot or insured glider pilot and currently have trouble finding a field where the grass is mowed?
    To help you take off, MosAiles offers you a free 6 hectares of its base of Saint Jean Rohrbach who has just been mowed (see map here)

    A condition, however: proof of your patent and assurance by creating an account on www.mosailes.com and loading in rubric my documents
    - Your insurance certificate
    - Your pattent (for paramotor)
    - A selfie (or photo ID)

    ps: If you think it's normal to thank the volunteers who spent the day to mow the grass, you can donate to the club here: club.mosailes.com

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