All our wishes and that every day is a party in 2016

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  • All our wishes and that every day is a party in 2016
  • Thanks to you, 2015 has, as in previous years, been a year rich in events:

    For MosAiles school

    • February-April: the first training and tandem flights begin in late February.
    • May: still a paragliding training period in the Jura that is complete and validated by the pilots.
    • June, July, August: thanks to exceptional weather conditions, training and flights succeded almost every day and distance records were broken by formed students.
    • September: still a distance record beaten and another paragliding week validated in Jura.
    • October: We always enjoy superb weather conditions that allow pilots to make unforgettable flights.
    • November: courses and tandems are completed but activity continues with the organization of a theoretical patent for paragliding pilots.
    • December: many future pilots are already part to learn to fly in 2016 (thank you the sun never stops shining).

    For MosAiles club

    • January: it is the month of AG (club, league, ...) and parachutes fold courses.
    • February: the first statements for flights arriving to Cumulator challenge.
    • March: parachute drop training has been validated and still knows a great success.
    • April: MosAiles club volunteers and external pilots came out in force to refresh the spot of Algrange.
    • May: even a simulation of flight incidents internship, complete and validated in the Alps.
    • June: becaufe many fields are not cut, the school puts his paramotor Field in St Jean Rohrbach available to pilots in need of takeoffs.
    • July: New paragliding distance record from the site of Algrange.
    • September: paragliding distance record from the cliff Sierk les bains.
    • October: the Cumulator challenge objectives are once again sprayed.
    • November: a dozen pilots have passed the theoretical part of the patent paragliding pilot, organized annually by the club.
    • December: only downside of the year, due to malfunction, the three Pioupiou weather tags have been returned to the manufacturer for repair.

    Shop for MosAiles

    Its catalog continues to fill and is renewed as and months. Its customers orders now from all over the world.

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01/3/2016 09:55:57

Tous mes vœux à l'école et au club Mosailes pour cette nouvelle année....

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